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Targeting support for: back & spine. Purchase this bundle and save 8% on a 60 day supply, or save 12% on a 90 day supply.

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A healthy back and spine uses vitamins and minerals for nutritional support.  Amino Key Basic helps promote this nutritional support.  When muscles contract, lactic acid and pyruvic acid are produced as normal byproducts of muscular activity.   A healthy back and spine will naturally release any accumulations of these acids if there is sufficient nutritional support for the back and spine. Amino Key S  targets the skeletal system providing mineral nutritional support, which promotes the maintenance of minerals that are used from the Skeletal system.   Amino Key M promotes simple muscle and nerve stress release support.   Amino Key zinc promotes cellular activity by supporting DNA and RNA function. Amino Key Iron promotes normal iron support  for transporting oxygen, removing toxins, and maintaining general well being of the back and spine.

Product Bundle Contains

  • Amino Key Basic
  • Amino Key S
  • Amino Key M
  • Amino Key Zinc
  • Amino Key Iron

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