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The skin is the largest organ of the body.  It can be an indicator of our general health both internally and externally as well as an extremely important factor in our appearance.  The skin helps control evaporation of water from the body. Located in the skin as part of our Immune System is up to half of the body’s T-cell population.   The need for excellent skin care products which have the ability to work in harmony for supporting the health and nutrition of the body has never been greater–this is the reason for Kela®Kare skin care products.

Under normal conditions, a healthy adult will produce about one and one-third pints of perspiration which is mostly water, small amounts of salts and waste products, through the skin.  Under heavy exertion in warm weather, as much as two gallons may be lost daily. Perspiration supports the liver, kidneys, and eliminating organs, in the body.   It is important that these functions are not inhibited by the use of substances on the skin’s surface which might cause a barrier that could  interfere with this supporting  normal function.  Mineral oil, lanolin, beeswax, paraffin wax, petrochemicals, parabens, phenol carbolic acid, propylene glycol, acrylamide, toluene, and dioxane are a few of the more common ingredients that interfere with supporting  the natural function of the skin.  They contribute to mere signs of aging.  That is why you will not find these popular ingredients that most skin care companies use, in Kela®Kare products.

Kela®Kare Face and Body Cleansing Gel is a one step gentle, thorough cleanser that does not need astringents, toners or refresher.  It will not strip or dry out the skin and is for all skin types.  It may be used as a shaving gel, a hand and body cleansing gel.

The moment Kela®Kare Face and Body lotion touches your skin; you know it is different from anything you have ever experienced!  The super concentrated,  rich lotion  does not contain harmful petrochemicals, mineral oil, lanolin,  bees-wax, parabens, PABA, Propylene Glycol, or artificial colorants.  The proprietary formula provides patented TRAACS® minerals which help support the skin’s own natural, internal renewal process.  Kela®Kare Face and Body lotion helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it softens and smooths the skin with its rich, moisturizing, hydrating ingredients.   It may be used for all skin types.    Wash the face with Kela®Kare Face and Body Cleansing Gel followed by Kela®Kare Face and Body Lotion.

Kela®Kare Intense Crème supports a healthy-looking skin.  It promotes a soft, supple, radiant, glowing complexion.  It  is a non-greasy, rich, concentrated, moisturizing,  hydrating, crème.  TRAACS® minerals helps support the skin’s own natural, internal renewal process.  The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and softened.  Apply Kela®Kare Intense Crème after cleansing the skin with Kela®Kare Face and Body Cleansing Gel.   Kela®Kare Intense Crème may be used as a night cream, eye crème,  under makeup,  or  layered with Kela®Kare Face and Body Lotion.

Product Bundle Contains:

  • Kela®Kare Face and Body Cleansing Gel
  • Kela®Kare Face and Body Lotion
  • Kela®Kare Intense Crème

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