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Targeting support for: immune system health. Purchase this bundle and save 8% on a 60 day supply, or save 12% on a 90 day supply.

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A good diet promotes good health and prevents the onset of disease. Amino Key Basic, Amino Key I, and Amino Key Zinc are a part of a good diet that supports the Immune System by contributing to disease prevention and better health.  This bundle has the vitamins and minerals the body uses to manufacture the SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) enzyme.  The body uses the SOD enzyme to give support to the Immune System.   There are 6 elements of nutrition: protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fat, and water that a diet needs to supply for a normal state of health.  Modern day agriculture is not focused on the nutritional density of  food, but rather on the volume or yield of the crop. The consumer is often placed in a guessing game trying to figure out if the food being eaten really has all or any of the 6 basic elements of nutrition, and if so, at what level.  Using a multiple vitamin/mineral supplement that is bio-available is an important step in supporting immune system health. In addition, Amino Key I targets the Immune System for supporting the SOD enzyme (Super Oxide Dismutase) production in the body.   Amino Key Zinc supports the DNA for healthy cells.

Product Bundle Contains

  • Amino Key Basic
  • Amino Key I
  • Amino Key Zinc

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