Bundle – Muscle and Nerve Support


Targeting support for: muscles and nerves. Purchase this bundle and save 8% on a 60 day supply, or save 12% on a 90 day supply.

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Amino Key Basic provides vitamins and TRAACS® minerals for nutritional support and normal balance within the body.  Vitamins and minerals work in synergy within the body.  That means there is a cooperative action between them.  Minerals work as catalysts supporting the absorption and assimilation of vitamins for muscle and nerve function.

Amino Key M targets muscles and nerves with specific TRAACS® minerals.   Normal levels of minerals support protection from nerve and muscle irritability.  They also support signs of mere aging such as, PMS, menopause, “senior moments,” and occasional constipation.

Amino Key Zinc targets the cells for supporting DNA synthesis.  DNA synthesis is needed for normal healing.   Zinc supports  Lactate and Malate Dehydrogenases, which are important for energy production.  The prostate gland, eyes, liver, muscle tissues, cell membrane structure and function, and brain function all need sufficient levels of Zinc to support normal functions in the body.

Product Bundle Contains

  • Amino Key Basic
  • Amino Key M
  • Amino Key Zinc

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