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Targeting support for: sleep. Purchase this bundle and save 8% on a 60 day supply, or save 12% on a 90 day supply.

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Healthy sleep support  requires the nutrition found in Amino Key Basic, Amino Key S, Amino Key M and Amino Key Cell Lite.   Amino Key S and Amino Key M  support  the ability to relax tight muscles and nerves.  They also support  calming the mind from normal anxiety. Amino Key Cell Lite helps support stabilization of energy production so that the adrenal glands can relax.

Amino Key Basic is a multiple vitamin, mineral TRAACS® supplement.  It supports normal body requirements by providing vitamins and minerals absent in food.   Stress requires  extra vitamin and mineral support in the body.  Failure to get an entire night’s sleep is a stress that affects one out of ten Americans and about 30% of healthy seniors.

Amino Key M helps support natural sleep patterns by providing mineral nutritional support to nerves and muscles.   50% of sleep problems can be attributed to stress such as:   normal  anxiety, temporary grief, the need for hormone relief,  muscle stress release, the need for normal blood sugar, and cardiovascular/ circulation support.

Amino Key S targets the Skeletal System for supporting  calcium and magnesium levels needed to promote deep, restful sleep. Amino Key S  also supports an individual’s ability to  relax and release stress, which also helps support sleep.

Amino Key Cell Lite targets the mitochondria in the  cells to support ATP energy production.  When the cells are able to support sufficient levels of ATP to meet the body’s energy requirements, it relieves demands placed on the adrenal glands, thyroid, pancreas, brain and nervous system.  This allows the body’s own, natural internal relaxation process for sleep.

Product Bundle Contains

  • Amino Key Basic
  • Amino Key M
  • Amino Key S
  • Amino Key Cell Lite

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