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Targeting support for: stress. Purchase this bundle and save 8% on a 60 day supply, or save 12% on a 90 day supply.

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Stress refers to any reaction to a physical, mental, social, or emotional stimulus that requires a response or alteration to the way we act, think, or feel.   Stress is an unavoidable part of life.  Less obvious sources of stress include encounters with crowds, noise, traffic, pain, extremes of temperature and new events.  Some people create their own stress by finding things to worry about. This may affect the natural nutritional support the body requires by speeding up metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates  in the typical “fight or flight”  body response.  This response causes the body to deplete stored magnesium and calcium, excrete potassium, phosphorus, amino acids, B vitamins and other nutrients which may result in the body being unable to replace them. These products help support the body’s own, natural, renewal process: Amino Key Basic, Amino Key M, Amino Key Cell Lite, Amino Key E, and Amino Key I.

Amino Key Basic is a complete multiple vitamin, mineral TRAACS® formula.  Its  patented natural organic  minerals have the highest bio-availability in the body over other form of minerals as proven by independent research.  When there is stress beyond the body’s natural stress threshold, minerals are quickly activated and used.   If minerals are not replenished in a bio-available form, using the body’s own natural, internal renewal process; the vitamins, protein metabolism, carbohydrate and fat metabolism may adversely be affected because they all require bio-available minerals to function in the body.  That is why it is very important to support the synergistic relationship between vitamins and minerals so that all the  metabolic processes can be supported.

Amino Key M targets the muscle system using a patented process to support the cardiovascular system.

Amino Key Cell Lite targets the cells to support energy ATP production and promote mineral electrolyte balance.

Amino Key E targets the Endocrine System for support to  the glands for promoting hormone balance.

Amino Key I targets the Immune System for supporting  production of the SOD ( super oxide dismutase) enzyme.

Amino Key Chromium helps support normal, stable, blood sugar levels. Chromium also supports energy, the synthesis of cholesterol, fats, and proteins. Only one in ten Americans has an adequate amount of chromium in his or her diet to support the body. Food processing and a high sugar diet can cause a loss of chromium.

Product Bundle Contains

  • Amino Key Basic
  • Amino Key M
  • Amino Key Cell Lite
  • Amino Key E
  • Amino Key I
  • Amino Key Chromium

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