Healthy Start

Joe wakes up each morning at 6:00 A.M.  He does his aerobic and anerobic exercises and then makes a “healthy” breakfast using his favorite high fiber cereal with low fat milk,  a side of papaya, high fiber toast and his daily multivitamin/mineral supplement.  To his daily supplement he adds some antioxidants that contain high amounts of “good-for-you-polyphenols” from green tea, some important herbs, and various minerals that consist of citrates, gluconates, sulfates, carbonates, a polynicotinate, and even an alpha-ketoglutarate.  Only the best will do for Joe!

Is Joe off to a healthy start?  Has he “covered” his bases providing adequately for his nutritional needs?  Has he “fueled” his body properly and provided for additional protection and immune fortification?

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Learn about the difference between  nutritionally functional mineral chelates and typical mineral supplements, the role of dietary fiber,  the truth behind herbs and polyphenols, and how to avoid dietary intestinal warfare in YOUR body.  Learn what is really happening in your body when you take the latest, popular designer products.  It isn’t what you think.