Summarization On Chelation

Nature requires that chelated minerals be made in only one fashion if they are to be utilized (bio-available) by the body.  Although there are many ways to make chelated minerals, nature requires that they be made in only one fashion IF THEY ARE TO BE UTILIZED BY THE BODY.

1.  The mineral must be chelated with amino acids

2.  The chelation process must utilize acids, bases, and enzymes in order to be compatible with the body

3.  The molecular weight of the finished amino acid chelated mineral must be less than 1000  in order for it to permeate the membranes of the intestinal cells.  A larger chelate cannot be absorbed without further digestion and reconfigeration.

4.  The chelated must be built as the body would build it.  It cannot be constructed in a different manner if one expects it to be absorbed.

5.  The stability of the chelate after being formed must be maintained through buffering over the isoelectric point of the amino acids.

Mother Nature established these criteria, not LifeZone.  LifeZone only uses amino acid chelated minerals that are proven and capable of meeting these criteria.

Just because a mineral is “labeled” a chelate does not guarantee that it will be absorbed.  When we swallow “chelates” that don’t conform to these requirements, they are rejected by the body.

Research has shown that amino acid chelated minerals are so important to our health and well-being that many manufactures of mineral supplements have rushed to the marketplace with their own brands of  labeled chelated minerals WITHOUT doing any research to determine whether or not their methods of chelation will actually enhance the absorption of the mineral.  Their only objective in producing a “supposedly” chelated mineral is the little extra profit they expect from calling their product a chelate.

Consider the following:  In a University experiment  using manganese it was demonstrated that when it had been properly chelated with amino acids, it was absorbed 300 percent better than the best form of inorganic manganese tested.  A second chelated manganese made using a different process from what Nature dictates, was only twice as effective as manganese in its inorganic form.  The only difference in the two chelated manganese products was the way they were made.  Chemical analysis revealed that the ingredients were exactly the same.  Thus it can be said “NOT ALL CHELATES ARE CREATED EQUAL!”

LifeZone uses amino acid chelated minerals that have US patents guaranteeing  greater absorption of the mineral by their manufacturer.  No other company even claims that its chelates are absorbed except  our manufacturer.

If you are using a product that isn’t a true amino acid chelate, as indicated on the label with the citation of patent numbers or reference to Albion as the mineral supplier, then you are essentially paying a premium for fancy inorganic minerals.  Without guaranteed availability, you lose two ways:  cost and mineral utilization.

Why Do We Need To Take Mineral Supplements?

A four year study conducted by Rutgers University involving laboratory assay tests on over 4,00 vegetable samples from across the United States produced some alarming results…

“There is a serious mineral absence developing in the soils of the United States.  The foods that we eat are our body’s source of minerals.  Unfortunately, however, our food often contains inadequate quantities of the essential minerals to meet all of our bodies mineral requirements.  For example, to obtain a sufficient amount of Iron as established by the U.S. Government, we would need to eat three pounds of liver or 493 cups of spinach each day”.

…Rutgers University

In short, we are not products of what we eat, rather what we eat and absorb through our intestines.

Amino acid chelated minerals have been shown to be more bioavailable than other forms of minerals.  For instance:

Calcium Amino Acid Chelated mineral is 60-80% better absorbed than Calcium salts and 60% better absorbed than calcium in milk.

Zinc Amino Acid Chelated mineral is shown to be 300% more bioavailable than Zinc salts and 200% more bioavailable than Zinc Picolinate

Manganese Amino Acid Chelated mineral is up to 250% more bioavailable to the body than non-patented amino acid chelates.

Data available for amino acid chelated Chromium, Copper, Magnesium, and Iron show from 300-500% greater bioavailability.

Iron Amino Acid Chelated mineral has been found to increase Hemoglobin levels in the blood.  It is 3.8 times better absorbed than Iron Sulfate and 3.6 times better absorbed than Iron Oxide, without the intestinal distress and constipation that usually accompanies iron supplementation.

Copper amino Acid Chelated mineral has an intestinal uptake over three times better than Copper Oxide, almost four times better than Copper Sulfate and almost six times better than Copper Carbonate.

Just because a label may list a percentage of Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA), doesn’t necessarily indicate that the body is able to absorb anywhere near that percentage.  The body has to change these minerals to forms it can use.  This takes time, and in the process most of the actual minerals are eliminated from the body.  A true  Amino Acid Chelated mineral is actually smuggled into your body through the intestinal walls  and bypasses all of the digestive, metabolic problems associated with mineral metabolism.  You utilize more minerals because they are already in a form that can be redily used by your body and not have to be changed before being used.

The absorption of minerals and vitamins is the key to many health implications, like Aging,  Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart attacks, Anemia, Cholesterol levels, and metabolism, just to name a few.  I would like to mention the impact on energy and fatigue that is directly affected by the nutritionally essential minerals and their ability to form amino acid chelates with organic molecules.

Regarding energy, a number of studies in the relation of energy and the absorption of minerals have been done.  One such study took 24 rats, which were divided into three groups of eight rats each.  The first group was designated as “control” and received no mineral supplementation.  The second group received inorganic minerals for three days.  The third group received the same amount of minerals for three days as the second group, but instead were fed true amino acid chelated minerals, not the inorganic minerals.  All three groups of rats were placed in water and allowed to swim until exhausted.  Upon exhaustion, the rats were taken out of the water and their swimming time recorded.   The “control” group swam 10.1 minutes.  The inorganic fed rats swam for 13.8 minutes, but the group of rats fed true amino acid chelated minerals swam for 48.3 minutes without stopping!

This demonstrates the difference bioavilability makes in energy, stamina, endurance and in overcoming stress.


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Dr.  Janeel A. Henderson

President:  LifeZone, Inc.