Immune Balance for Colds, Flu, and Allergies

Proactive vs. Reactive

Every day our body is bombarded with germs , viruses, and bacteria.  Cold and flu season and allergies can place additional stress on the Immune System, requiring it to work overtime to provide protection.  “Immune-boosting” is a term often used to suggest individuals take a product to initiate a surge of protection against an invading sickness.  Oft times this is in response to an unusual situation or a once-in-a-while situation and not a daily occurring event.   In this scenario, individuals are “reacting” to a situation in which they feel their immunity might be threatened which could then lead to sickness or a disease, such as exposure to someone who is already sick, or entering an enclosed environment that can circulate an unhealthy environment such as in an airplane, commuter transportation,  hospital,or dense personal contact such as in schools and corporate portable cubicles for high density office space.

Immune boosting products should only be used for a  short term because they can produce unwanted side effects or damage the body if taken too long.  They work by temporarily stimulating the immune system.  In the long haul having an over-or under-stimulated immune system can be an invitation for illness and irritation.  The extra stimulation can stress the body even further using up valuable nutritional levels that leave the body under protected.

For individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies or those with certain autoimmune disorders, immune boosters may exacerbate their conditions by further stimulating their already over-stimulated system.  The ideal condition for the immune system is to be at a balanced, resting stage where it can best react to the body’s signals.  The immune system doesn’t always need to be boosted; it needs to be nourished and balanced.

Balancing the immune system via daily proactive measures makes the most sense in one’s health program.  It is possible that one part of the body may need an increased immune response, while simultaneously, another may need a suppressed response.  When given complete nutritional support, the body’s own intelligence is able to direct the immune system to adapt to the ever changing needs of the body without compromising one’s health.  Helping to build and support a better immune system is the smartest way to prepare the immune system for whatever challenge it may face, whether it be high amounts of stress, a nasty virus, bacteria invasion, or  increased pollution.

A proactive lifestyle will bring individuals to the realization that during the usual cold and flu-devoid spring and summer months, one should not take the immune system for granted and only give it attention during cold and flu season.  Emerging flu strains are a threat every month of the year–not just during the fall and winter–and depending on the climate and location, allergen levels can be elevated throughout the entire year as evidenced in the Southern States of the United States.   Consistent immune support is part of a healthy proactive lifestyle versus temporary short term reactive response products.

Daily use of appropriate supplements can be incorporated into a daily proactive lifestyle.  Not only do these products provide vitamins and minerals that the body needs on a daily basis, they also provide additional protection from the stresses and environmental pollution that are ever present in our modern society.  Free radical damage is a daily on-going process in the body.  Without sufficient nutrition the body is left without the coping, healing, and regenerating resources it requires for complete immune protection.  Fortifying one’s diet on a continuing year round program with supplements can help establish a strong foundation for a proactive, healthy lifestyle.