Don’t Let Colds and Flu Interfere With Your Holiday

A simple reminder this holiday season.

Dr. J. Owen Hendley, infectious disease expert reminds each of us that flu viruses can live 8 to 12 hours on paper or cloth, 24 to 48 hours on non-porous places like doorknobs and phones and up to 72 hours on wet surfaces, like towels, and faucets.

Your best defense?  WASH YOUR HANDS, especially after touching these cold and flu friendly surfaces:

ATM, elevator and photocopier buttons


Gym equipment

Shopping cart handles

Kids; toys


Computer keyboard and mouse

And always wash your hand thoroughly before handling food and before eating.

Remember that a healthy, strong body  can be enhanced and maintained by a healthy diet.  Consider using supplements  as needed  for protection against viruses, bacteria, stress, and free radicals.

Janeel Henderson