The Power of Words for the Holiday

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Words that lift, inspire, motivate, elevate and transform us…

Peace:  A state of tranquility:  Freedom from disturbance

Wisdom:  The exercise of sound judgment, discerning between truth and error

Patience:  The quality of bearing offenses without anger or revenge, trusting the time table of God

Mercy:  Tenderness of heart which disposes a person to overlook error

Understanding:  Exact comprehension, intelligence between two or more persons

Hope:  To place confidence in with the belief that it will be obtained

Progress:  Increasing in truth and light

Create:  To organize to bestow intelligence upon

Faith:  A principle of action through which power is obtained from Divine Source

Life:  The present state of existence

Knowledge:  A clear and certain perception of truth and facts

Giving:  To bestow or impart to another person without an equivalent or reward

Humble:  To reduce arrogance and self-dependence

Grace:  The free unmerited Love and Favor of God

Unity:  Oneness and undivided having the same spirit dwelling in them

Revelation:  The communication of truth to men

Power:  The right of governing authority given to a person to act

Salvation:  Preservation from destruction, danger or great calamity

Glory:  Light and truth, the possession of which bestows power

Eternal:  Without beginning or end of existence

Exaltation:  Elevation to the highest degree in which all powers are increased

Love:  The sum of all excellence

Victory:  To conquer over adversity

Strength:  Solidity without yielding

Kindness:  Act of good will

Truth:  A supreme reality

Beauty:  An assemblance of grace

Joy:  A delight of mind

Clean:  Free from impurity

Service:  Labor for the benefit of another

Encourage:  To inspire and give HOPE

Pure:  Guiltless, unspotted, innocent

Freedom:  Without constraint or control

Virtuous:  Conformity to a moral law

Emulate:  To survive to be equal to

Forgiving:  Remission of a debt or offense

Honest:  Act with integrity and fairness

Worthy:  Having worth or excellence

Confident:  Having full belief

Righteous:  Conformity to divine law

Obedient:  Compliance with a command

Teachable:  Readily receiving instructions.

Thoughts become words, words become actions, actions become habits, habits become character, your character becomes your destiny..Happy Holiday and a Healthy, Joyful New Year to all of you.

Dr. Janeel Henderson