Hay Fever, Horses, and Spring Fever

Spring fever–the cruelest  time of year for millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies and hay fever.   A time for  endurance marathons trying to survive running noses, screaming sinuses, headaches, sneezing, stuffiness, colds and localized misery from brain fog and allergy medication.  Read more to learn about a unique nasal treatment…

United Kingdom

In the U.K. a hay fever remedy has been produced for the past eight years.  It is an organic powered plant extract that’s sniffed into the nostrils where it creates a mucus-like gel that protects the nasal passages from pollen, dust, and mold spores.

Sweden Solution

In Sweden, researchers  at a children’s hospital divided 50 children (ages 4-14) with allergic rhinitis (SAR) into two groups.  for six weeks one group was given conventional treatment–the other group the organic powered plant extract.


The organic powered plant extract produced immediate results starting with  the first day of the study.  Specific symptoms–such as sneezing, nasal itching, and watery eyes  had a steady decrease  of all (SAR)  symptoms  and were better controlled than what the conventional treatment group treatment produced.  An added bonus was that there were  no drug side effects from use of the plant extract.  This makes it safe for use by pregnant women, nursing mothers and  children.

The organic powered plant extract is a cellulose powder that is inert.  It can’t be absorbed by the body.  The powder is sniffed into the nostrils where it creates a mucus-like gel that protects the nasal passages from pollen, dust, and mold spores.  Blocking the nasal passages allows the body to recover from these spores and  the discomfort they create in the body. (nazaleze.com)


Horses suffer from the misery of hay fever and seasonal allergies just like humans do.  The powered plant extract has been found to be very effective for horses too.  A special bottles with a delivery tube designed specifically for a horse’s long nasal passage is used to administer the product, and just like with humans, the horses receive relief. (nostrilvet.com)

“Intranasal Inert Cellulose Powder in Prevention and Management of Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis in Children” presented at the National Swedish Physicians’ Conference, Stockholm, Sweden.

Although it is beneficial to receive relief from  SAR how much better would it be to allow the body to naturally be fortified sufficiently so that spring time mold spores, pollen, and  dust particulates caused no negative side effects in the body when in contact one with another.

Diets and Inflammation

Diets that produce high amounts of sugar during metabolism create additional inflammation in the body.  Inflammation can weaken the Immune System reducing natural protection and compromise defense mechanisms within the body.  Eating  foods from the glycemic index that are 50 and lower can contribute  in the reduction of inflammation from food metabolism  that is produced within the body.  Avoiding use of MSG, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods can also help.


Fortifying the body through nutritional supplementation can help balance body chemistry for healing.  Using a multiple vitamin mineral supplement  to make certain all vitamins and minerals are bio-available at the cellular level for whole body support makes a lot of sense.   Protecting the body from free radical damage that allergens cause  by fortifying the Immune System can reduce the intensity and duration of allergy attacks.  Adding  extra zinc provides extra cellular healing that delicate membranes and cell walls require.

A safe, sensible plan for seeking spring fever relief  from  allergies can be beneficial, but even better when combined with nutritional supplementation that provides the needed nutrients for healing to occur so that spring fever become enjoyable instead of an endurance  marathon  for survival from allergies each year.