Pencil Art

Here are some amazing pictures of art.  Look at each picture very carefully.  They have all been designed using pencils! Think about it.  A common, everyday item that traditionally is used to convey the written word.  How many of us would consider a pencil as art?  Probably not many of us.  We would think, instead, of a pencil as a vehicle to impart art  such as drawing or sketching a picture, or drawing a doodle, or connecting the dots to outline a picture  but would we really see a pencil as a piece of art?

I am a Nutritionist.  I work with minerals.  Minerals come from the earth.  They are found in the soil, in rocks, in sea water, in plants and in fish and animals. Do we ever think of them as art?  Probably not.  They are thought of as elements of nutrition.  But look at what they support –Life-!   Life as we know it would not exist without minerals.  Our bodies can not make them.  They must be provided to the body.  But once provided the intelligence of the body and cells knows how to convert them into amino acid chelated minerals that become an integral part of the art minerals, like pencils, can become something greater than the sum of its parts and we become the beneficiary of that art.  Appreciate the art that is you.