There is a popular television insurance commercial where all kinds of disasters, problems  and destruction occur.  Suddenly a dark mysterious man appears and with total joy and glee, relishes all of the devastation that has happened.  We learn that his name is “Mayhem”.  His sole purpose is to orchestrate all kinds of huge problems that as mere mortals, we can’t cope with or possibly handle in a positive way.  Our only salvation is the insurance company that will protect and stand between “Mayhem” and us……

Mayhem is on his way

     It’s summer – the season for grilling food, backyard parties, and family reunions.  Bus guess who is coming to crash the festivities?  Yep you guessed it “Mayhem”.  “Mayhem” is very cleaver.  He disguises himself by using great tasting food, a fun time, and easy living, to throw us off the track.  But underneath that marvelous grilled food is a threat too dangerous to overlook.

   You see, each time you grill, broil, or sear meat, carcinogenic compounds called HCA’s (heterocyclic amines) are formed. When they enter the body  free radicals and HCA’s begin a path of destruction which can lead to health problems.

      Luckily the body has an insurance policy against “Mayhem”.   It’s called antioxidants and the SOD enzyme (Super Oxide Dismutase enzyme).  Taking Kela I provides specific nutrition directly to the Immune System for the body to make the SOD enzyme.  This is a powerful one-two punch to “Mayhem”.  Meanwhile herbs that contain antioxidants can be used in marinates for flavor and additional support.

Safe cooking hints

     Cooking meats that are rare, medium-rare or medium produce less HCA’s in the body than well-done cooked meat.  If you cook meat in a water base such as in soups, crock pots,  or slow cookers, it will significantly reduce  HCAs.   Rosemary, thyme, garlic, and oregano have antioxidant properties and are excellent in marinades and seasonings.  Don’t forget your vegetables–if you grill, barbeque or char them,  they will create carcinogens called acrylamides so add the herbs for seasoning  and lightly steam instead.

     Everyone loves a great barbeque so don’t think you can’t enjoy grilling.  Just remember how to counteract the effects in your body to support and protect yourself.  Use spices to drastically reduce the formation of HCAs and acrylamides. Take Kela I for SOD support and keep the flame under control to avoid chard and well done food.  Add raw veggies, fresh salads, and make healthy choices.

Let the good time roll.