How to stop tumors

In the science of cancer research it was discovered that tumors undergo a process to gain access to a blood supply from your body. This process is called angiogenesis. When a tumor grows it needs a supply of blood to carry nutrients to itself and eliminate waste from the tumor cells. As this happens your body doesn’t really realize that this tumor is really a foreign object of sorts. The tumor tricks your body in to thinking it is ok and is supposed to be there so the body starts developing blood vessels in and around the tumor thus keeping it alive. They tend to grow and develop these vessels in specific ways that allow doctors to identify them which allows doctors to find the tumors.

As doctor’s realized this process they began looking for ways they can stop angiogenesis from occurring thus starving the tumors which soon die off on their own. Their research showed many chemicals they can use in a drug that will stop this process and allow the tumor to die. Upon further research they discovered that these chemicals already existed in natural sources called fruit and vegetables. Here is a list of the major foods that contain these drugs:

These foods will help you in preventing cancers and tumors in your body. By taking these chemicals in supplement form you can increase the dose of them in your body without having to eat so much food.

Chelation is a process of combining chemicals and minerals together to allow your body a better absorption of nutrients. By using cheated minerals along with these foods you can increase your chances of having more nutrients in your body at the right locations to help in combating degenerative problems.

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