Many  years ago I had the opportunity to listen to an inspiring talk by a well known gentleman.  Within the talk were many wonderful suggestions and ideas.  However, there was one statement in that talk that I have never forgotten.


Three words.  Profound–  Powerful–Life Changing.  Simple to understand yet at times so difficult to execute.  Over the years as I felt myself resist doing something I knew I needed to do but quite frankly didn’t want to do I would remember these three words.  Then sometime along the way another word was added- NOW-!    And I found myself with my own pep talk.  Just do it now Janeel.  The “NOW” seemed to remove the excuses, the procrastination, the fear, the anxiety, etc. behind what I needed to do.  It provided the momentum to act.

The other day I was listening to my grandsons as they were talking to their friends.  I was surprised when I heard “Go For It”.  I thought about those three words compared with the three words I had adopted  so many years ago “Just Do It”.  I thought about my grand children’s generation versus my generation and the common word “IT”!

I asked myself “what does” IT” mean?  There seems to be a universal understanding of what it means without really saying anything specific.  “Go For It” covers just about everything–

–do something new

–be a better friend

–be a better parent

–be dependable

–be creative

–be a leader

–be innovative

–start your own company

–be willing to undertake something difficult

–be willing to change

–be willing to get over a health problem

–be willing to lose weight

–be willing to begin an exercise program

Fear is probably the largest obstacle to “Just Do It Now” and “Go For It”.  However I have no doubt that each one of us has an “IT” in our life and our life will change if we reach our”IT” and accomplish it.

So what would it mean  if you did your “IT”?  It might mean setting goals. “It” might mean more work that may or may not be easy but in the long run life might be harder for not going for “IT”.

Deep inside of each of us we already know that our life would be better if we went for “IT” and actually got “IT”.  If we reached our “IT” goals our life would be better and perhaps  the world around us would be better.

“It” can change lives, move mountains, and conquer fear.  “IT” matters but “IT” is always more difficult than mediocrity.  Jacky Gleason on the Jacky Gleason T.V. show had a saying “How Sweet It Is”.  Picture your life with your “IT” already accomplished and visualize how sweet your life will be.  Enlist friends, family, mentors, classes, goals, lists, as needed to assist you to “Just Do “It” Now” and “Go  For “IT”.  Set deadlines to reach your “IT”.  Focus on your “IT” everyday until it becomes a part of who you are.    The “DO” and the “GO  are the key decisions and the “NOW” is the action that will bring change.

When I do nutritional consultations, it is the “Just Do IT Now” and the “GO For IT”  attitudes that my clients have  that brings them the results they want.  Maybe it is more energy, a healthier Immune system, less aches and pains, etc. but nothing happens until they take action, are willing to take a supplement if they need it to support their health, eliminate an item from their diet that doesn’t support their health, or make some adjustments in their life style.

I am proud of all the people who aren’t afraid to embrace the “IT” in their lives.  “How sweet “IT” is”!!

 Dr. Janeel Henderson