Amino Acid Chelated Iron

The science behind a true Amino Acid Chelated Mineral is complicated.  To duplicate the body’s mineral nutritional pathway for bio availability took many years of research, trial and error, and divine guidance.  It had never been done until my father, Dr. Harvey Ashmead, (world authority in amino acid chelated nutrition), discovered the process, precise steps and procedures to do what the body does using its inherent intelligence under ideal digestive and metabolic conditions.

I use the word “true” because many companies “claim” to have chelated minerals. There  are specific requirements the body demands be in place for true chelation to occur that the body will recognize for bio availability and actually use.  The body is NOT forgiving.  Either you meet the requirement EXACTLY or you don’t have the end result which is the benefits the mineral provide to the body.  The word “chelate” or “chelation” mean nothing unless the chelation process leads to absorption and metabolism for bio availability at the cellular level.  An Albion gold medallion on a supplement label or the U.S. Patent numbers referenced by the mineral, are the only way you can be assured you are using a true amino acid chelated mineral. You can’t trust marketing hype.

Let’s look at how the body chelates Iron.

.  Iron is ionized in the gut and then chelated with amino acids.  Once chelated, it moves into the intestinal cell.

. Here it is removed from the first chelate and re-chelated with another amino acid compound called apoferritin.

.The ferritin chelate moves the iron to the blood where the iron is re-chelated with transferrin.  .Transferrin then moves the iron to the area of need within the body.

There are five barriers that limit the amount of Iron made available for the body’s use.  These five barriers contribute to the side effects individuals experience when they take Iron supplements.

1.The first chemical reaction is in the stomach which can form insoluble compounds that the body can’t use so must be eliminated in the feces.

2. The second barrier is the negative charge on the intestinal wall.

3. The third barrier can occur when a natural inorganic mineral is trying to be ionized which will result in a positive charged metal.  This is very difficult for the body to accomplish.  The positive charged metal ion can be attracted to the negative charged intestinal wall and remain there until elimination in the feces.

4. The fourth barrier is the quantity and quality of protein (amino acids) available for chelation  which affects absorption.

5. The fifth barrier is the electromotive potential ease with which metals may give up electrons to form chelates in a hierarchy arrangement  found in the gut that can fail thus stopping chelation from occurring.

In addition to these five physical chelation barriers, there are an additional 18 dietary barriers that can also interfere with the body’s ability to chelate a mineral.  Things we usually don’t think of such as:

  1. The form the mineral is in. At the end of this article I have a link to see a video from U Tube that will SHOCK you regarding the mineral fortification of food and the way it may be done that leaves the body unable to use the fortification in any way.
  2.  What if there aren’t any minerals in the food because of mineral soil deficiencies?  The body can’t chelate what it doesn’t have.
  3.  The same goes for amino acids. If a meal lacks amino acids even if there are minerals present chelation can’t occur.
  4.  Excessive Phytic Acid will block chelation.
  5.  Caffeine interferes with chelation.
  6. Soft drinks block chelation.
  7. Stress beyond your normal stress threshold.
  8.  The stomach must have sufficient acid to ionize the minerals.
  9.  If the stomach is alkaline mineral ionization can’t occur.
  10.  Certain over the counter medication can stop chelation.
  11. Prescription drugs can block chelation.
  12. Surgery.
  13. Birth defects can block chelation.
  14. Gut health.
  15. Herbal supplements.
  16. Herbal teas.
  17. Too high dietary fiber.
  18. Vegetarian diet.

It’s no wonder that Iron is a mineral that you either love or you hate.  If the body can’t chelate it sufficiently to be used then you will hate taking Iron because of the miserable side effects it produces as the body tries to deal with it.

I was exposed to  Geritol television and radio ads marketing all the wondrous things it was good for as a young girl.  My grandmother would take it,  shudder, and then shake her head saying how bad it tasted.  I wondered why she continued to take it if it was so bad?  She never gave me a good answer. My girl friend’s mother made her take Black Strap Molasses on a regular basis.  I would gag at the smell and have to leave the room when she took it.  I counted myself lucky to escape that torture.  My  pregnant aunt bemoaned the indignity she had to suffer taking the prescribed Iron supplement her doctor had her take.  I heard all kinds of bathroom complaints, nausea horror stories, on top of the common aches and pains being pregnant heaped upon women.  I thought to myself I’ll never get married if that’s what I have to go through.  Obviously I changed my mind as I grew older because I have 8 wonderful grandchildren my children have blessed my husband and me with.

When it came time to formulate an Iron Supplement, you can imagine all of the thoughts, memories, and stories that went through my mind.  To say I was reluctant to go through that door would be putting it mildly.  I knew how vitally important it was for supporting the body but I told my father that no matter what, I would not have a product repeat all of the side effects, horror stories and symptoms I had grown up being exposed to as a young girl.

My father laughed at my reaction and reassured me that a true amino acid chelated mineral would not chemically react in a negative way inside of the body.  It would not enter into oxidized states  and because it was bio-available it would not cause all those problems the body went through trying to metabolize Iron.  I was skeptical.  After all, as a man HE had never experienced pregnancy or needed Iron support.  I did, however, recognize the need for a product that individuals could endure and live through the experience of taking, so we proceeded creating a true amino acid chelated Iron supplement.  I am glad we did.

Remember:  It takes up to one week for traditional iron supplements to be absorbed through normal mineral mechanisms of the body that I have already described.  Contrast this with a true amino acid chelated iron supplement.  Six to nine hours after taking a true amino acid chelated iron as proven by radioactive isotopes,  a true amino acid chelated mineral is completely absorbed and bio-available to the body, cells, tissue, and organs.  Furthermore, because it is already in the body’s finished chelated form, it is able via active transport to avoid the five chelation barriers within the body and the 18 dietary barriers to chelation that I have listed.

Please take the time to watch the short  YouTube video.  Although the iron in this video is natural, it is not a form that I think you would want to have in your body.

Under traditional marketing the word “natural”  and “organic” are many times misrepresented.  It  does not mean a product is safe, bio-available, or beneficial to your body regarding mineral nutrition.  All minerals come from nature but it is only when mineral supplements are in the form of a true amino acid chelate that the body can utilize them safely and effectively without chemical reactions, side effects, and be called a natural organic mineral.

The body takes minerals presented to it through food, drink, or through traditional supplementation and will change the form of those minerals through digestion, metabolism into  true amino acid chelated mineral which are compatible with the human body. But the body’s attempt to change those minerals comes at a price.  The physical and digestive barriers the body is faced with can interfere at any time, reduce the success and effectiveness of the body and penalize the actual nutritional value an individual thinks he is getting.  It makes sense to use minerals that are already in the finished form the body requires thus avoid reacting with the barriers inherently present in life and in our diets.

Dr. Janeel Henderson