Kela Cell Lite Mineral Electrolyte Support For The Body, And Energy Production.

kela-cell-lite-product-imageOne of the common complaints I heard growing up was adults complaining of being tired.  Granted, these adults were in their late 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and were working hard farming. But in my mind I questioned why they were so tired.  For example, I would observe my grandma and aunt snapping green beans getting them ready for canning busy talking as they worked.  Then all of a sudden their heads would bob, their eyes close, and they would take a nap sitting up in their chairs. It was an amazing sight and even more amazing that they never fell off of their chairs or spilled their snapped beans while napping.

I remembered those childhood memories so when my father and I started talking about product formulas, I said I wanted something that would support the natural energy of the body without any stimulants, or any type of ingredient that would later become addictive.  My request for a natural energy support product was well founded.  Nineteen percent of men report that they are tired and 30 percent of women report that they are tired.

Ninety-five percent of energy production is done by the mitochondria.  The mitochondria is the part of the cell that produces ATP (the bodies chemical form of energy).  ATP is produced approximately 1000 times per day.  There is an average of 2500 mitochondria per cell except in the red blood cells, which have none.

The energy produced is used for nutrient uptake, cellular repair, and toxin elimination.  Death occurs in an organism when it can no longer produce energy.  The mitochondria has its own DNA.  Mitochondrial DNA is circular like bacterial DNA.  It is very susceptible to damage from oxidative stress, because it is not protected by specific proteins and therefore doesn’t repair very efficiently.  Mitochondrial DNA is 20 times more susceptible to damage then cellular DNA.  The damage caused by oxidation stress will decrease energy production.

There are a lot of “energy drinks”  and “energy  products”  and stimulating caffeine soft drinks in the market place.  Most of them have as common ingredients high levels of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, ephedrine, or stimulating herbs to give the temporary energy boost that individuals crave.  Oxidation can be measured by the levels of malondilaldehyde in the urine which can occur from taking these types of products.  When oxidation occurs the mitochondria are damaged and energy production is reduced which sets up a roller coaster ride of energy stimulation,  energy crashing, energy stimulation etc.  Obviously this is not a healthy choice for the body.  The high level of sugar can affect the gut and in some cases cause dysbiosis.  Dysbiosis is the condition where the normal healthy population of beneficial bacteria in the intestines has been disrupted, leaving it open to the overgrowth of yeast, fungi, parasites, and potentially harmful strains of bacteria.  The toxins excreted by the unfriendly organisms can poison the mitochondria and lower energy production even further.

The body cannot be given ATP as a supplement.  It must be produced by the body within the cells. Due to their molecular weight and size,  ATP supplements  cannot pass through the cell wall membrane. During digestion/metabolism, the body will rip apart these types of products and try to reconfigure them to be compatible with the cell membrane walls. Although there is a valiant effort by the body, the bio-availability is very low to non-existent so there is very little support to the body for energy production.

Healthy mitochondria require nutritional support from calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium in order to manufacture ATP.  These minerals must be bio-available at the cellular level in order for the body to access them and manufacture ATP.  Minerals from food must navigate through all of the 18 barriers to mineral metabolism to become amino acid chelated minerals and amino acid complex minerals before reaching the cells.  If the minerals don’t succeed in reaching the cells, energy production is affected.

Stress is one of the 18 barriers to mineral metabolism by the body.  Recently in Utah, a young boy was practicing soccer and playing very aggressively with his team mates.  It was reported that he was sweating heavily, and really working hard.  Without any warning, he collapsed on the field.  His coach called 911 and he was transported to an emergency room at a nearby hospital.  Unfortunately the young boy died.  The diagnosis was extreme loss of mineral electrolytes from his heavy sweating, hard playing  and intense  practice workout.

The mineral electrolytes calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus were used up by his body trying to produce enough ATP to support the heavy exercise the young boy was doing.  I have watched sport teams and coaches provide sugary drinks to their players thinking they are replacing mineral electrolytes, or even giving them caffeine and herbal stimulating soft drinks to boost energy.  In my opinion this is a very dangerous practice.  These types of product’s ingredients can interfere with ATP production and have low bio-availability for support to the cells.

Kela Cell Lite targets the Cellular System for supporting normal production of ATP within the cells.  It contains the mineral electrolytes calcium and magnesium as true amino acid chelated minerals and the mineral electrolytes potassium and phosphorus as amino acid complex minerals.  There are no stimulants, caffeine, sugar, herbs etc. in the formula.

These ingredients are already in the finished form that the body requires for absorption and bio-availability.   Their molecular weight and size passes through cells walls into the cells for cellular access. Working with the intelligence of the body, these natural ingredients support normal ATP production and are bio-available for the body to manufacture ATP production as needed in a natural, normal, process for normal, healthy support.

Spring is here.  Many individuals will begin spring time sports, exercising more and engage in activities on their vacations that they normally don’t do.  Consider providing the support that normal healthy bodies require with Kela Cell Lite along with a healthy diet, and enjoy life.

Dr. Janeel Henderson