Is designing your life and food a good idea?

What were you doing in 2001?  Chances are you missed the announcement of the successful birth of the world’s first genetically engineered babies—30 in total.  This didn’t receive media attention until nearly a decade later.

The  children were created using genes from TWO women and one man.  This is referred to as ooplasmic transplantation, in which genes from a female donor are inserted into another woman’s eggs before being fertilized with a man’s sperm.

The ramifications of having genetic traits of three parents is still unknown.  Two years later follow-up reports stated that at 18 months of age Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a spectrum of autism was diagnosed.  Two children had abnormal 45, XO karyotype.  Genetic scientists are steadily forging ahead, despite lack of public discussion, to perfect “designer babies”.

The BBC News recently reported that a US patent has been filed for DNA testing database, which would be used by prospective parent to find out which traits their future offspring might inherit.  Could this be ethically and socially treacherous?  Marcy Damovsky, executive director of the Center for Genetics and Society states “We believe the patent office made a serious mistake in allowing a patent that includes drop-down menus for which to choose a future child’s traits.”

The world is already in discussion about which genetically engineered life forms can and cannot be patented.  Biotech companies have secured patents on everything from genetically engineered seeds to engineered animals of various kinds.  As of 2005 20% of human genes have already been patented and are explicitly claimed as intellectual property by one company or another.  The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has sued the US Patent and Trademark Office to try and stop the practice of issuing patents that are contrary to the law—which states that only inventions can be patented; not naturally-occurring parts of the human body.

Myriad Genetics, a private biotechnology company controls patents on the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.  These two genes are associated with hereditary  breast and ovarian cancer.  These patents give the right to Myriad Genetics to prevent anyone else from testing, studying, or even looking at these genes.  It also holds the exclusive rights to any mutations along those genes. No one is allowed to do anything with the BRCA genes without Myriad’s permission.

Thankfully,  on June 13, 2013 The US Supreme Court unanimously invalidated the patents on BBRCA 1 and BRCA 2 in the fight to reclaim our genes.  This is a beginning but we still have a long way to go regarding the Patenting of seeds, which is just as hazardous to the future of mankind as the patenting of human genes.

Genetically engineered crops in our American food chain is one explanation for the increase in food allergies and gastrointestinal problems.   In 2003 with the completion of the Human Genome Project, it was revealed that the human body does not have enough genes for all of the biological functions in the human body.  Genes can encode tens of thousands of different proteins.  Protein dictates cell function NOT genes.  Epigenetic influences are powerful influences  for the factors that cause your genes to be expressed and product the proteins they encode for.  You may have one major genome but on the cellular level you can have multiple different genomes depending on the tissue.   It is the populations of cells with different versions of the genome present in varying degrees with different tissues that can impact development and health.

The discovery that genes do not control our life was a major breakthrough. No longer did we need to feel a victim of our heredity from genes that could not be changed.  Epigenetics reveals that we are an extension of our environment which includes everything from our thoughts, belief systems, stress, toxic exposures, sunlight exposure, exercise, and what we choose to put into our body and mind, and onto our body.  Biophysics and quantum physics state that the invisible, immaterial realm is actually far more important than the material real, so our immaterial thoughts may actually shape our biological environment and genetic expression.   The old Newtonian physics, that epigenetics is replacing, stated that we live in a mechanical universe.  As a mechanical biological machine Newtonian physics thought the body responded to physical “things” such as active chemicals in drugs.   Adjusting our biological machine would allow doctors to modify and control our health.

Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow and DuPont, have bought up more than 200 other companies allowing them to dominate access to seeds.  GE (genetically engineered seeds) have taken over 90% of key crops in the United States.  Sustainable farming practices that produce healthful food is becoming more and more difficult to find.  Heirloom seeds are virtually being eliminated world- wide.  The need for GMO food to be removed from our diet and/or fully identified on labels and packaging is more important than ever.

Monsanto has succeeded in patenting large numbers of common crop seeds, which is really patenting life forms without a single vote of the people or Congress. Monsanto has also become the sole owner of many of the very seeds necessary to support the world’s food supply.

Monsanto purchased “select assets” of Agradis, a sustainable agricultural solutions company founded by J. Craig Venter.  Venter sequenced the human genome to develop various microbes and “agricultural biological” to offset  glyphosate, the main ingredient in the  herbicide Roundup. Glyphosate  impacts soil health.  It binds tightly to minerals in the soil such as calcium, boron, and manganese.  Glyphosate  alters the mix of bacteria and fungi that interact with plant root systems making them more susceptible to parasites and pathogens.  Mankind is entering into the quest to master nature and to master numerous life forms from various kingdoms, including human genes.

It is important for each of us to become informed, and act responsibly regarding manipulation of our food, our life, and our environment.  You can go to this link and sign up for a free webinar summit October 25-27.  This is an excellent presentation by medical doctors, scientists and other professionals that will educate you as to the real truth about GMO food, Monsanto and a lot more information that is being suppressed from the public.

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