The GMO double standard

Remember during the first time he was running for President of the United States,  President Obama made the promise “We’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified because Americans should know what they’re buying.”?  Well he broke his promise and then went one step further.  President Obama put the #1 lobbyist for genetically modified foods (GMO) Michael Taylor in charge of the policy at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  So who is Michael Taylor?  None other than the former vice president and chief lobbyist for Monsanto.  The company behind all GMO food.

Monsanto has been accused of being responsible for the deaths of thousands of farmers.  They’ve attacked any scientist who has published studies about the negative effects of GMO on your health including their own scientists and through the FDA 40,000 documents have been  hidden that revealed the toxicity of genetically modified foods.

Effects such as increasing:

Breast cancer

Liver cancer

Kidney problems

The bottom line:  7 out of 10 mice test subjects who ate GMO foods regularly died early.  50 to 80 percent of the females developed tumors with an average of 3 tumors that were larger than normal. The tumors developed twice as fast if the subjects ate GMO food.

Molecular biologist, Dr. Michael Antoniou, of King’s College in London who was involved in this study reported, “It shows an extraordinary number of tumors developing earlier and more aggressively—particularly in female animals.  I am shocked by the extreme negative health impacts.”

So what action has President Obama taken?  He has banned all GMO food from the White House Kitchen and Air Force One while allowing 70 percent of the food found in your kitchen to come from GMO.  Maybe  it’s because $4.5 million  was contributed to his election campaigns from the people selling GMO foods.  So apparently President Obama is willing to risk your life, my life and the lives of our children and grandchildren just so he could get elected.

The FDA has never required genetically modified foods to be tested for negative health effects or made certain that GMO foods are safe.  E.J. Mathews, Ph.D., a scientist working in the FDA’s Toxicology group warned.  “Genetically modified plants could also contain unexpected high concentrations of plant toxicants.”

Knowledge and keeping your Immune System strong and healthy are the only protection against GMO’s.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports there are over 84,00 different chemicals dumped, leaked and floating around in your house , at your work, in the ground where your food grows, in the air you breathe and throughout the country.  Only about 200 of these chemicals have been studied for safety and only five chemicals have ever been restricted.  That is scary! With the danger of all of these 84,000 chemicals bombarding the body on top of eating GMO food the only choice we have is to put pressure on our government representatives, senators, etc. to insist on the removal of all GMO food from the American diet.

Write your legislators, fax them, email them etc.  Unless they have significant feed-back from the citizens of the United States, the double standard that President Obama has put into law will continue. Insist that our food be free from GMO plants, animals, seeds, and processing food plants. It is an outrage that the #1 lobbyist for GMO food has been put in charge of the FDA agency that is suppose to look out for our well being,  ignores all warnings about safety.

Remember to take Basic plus and Kela I daily.  They provide nutritional support  for a healthy Immune system and body. Take extra care in the food selections that you purchase.   Processed foods and convenience foods are more likely to contain GMO.  Remember that Monsanto has modified all grains including corn in the United States.  Choose alternative foods to eat.  Although it seems extreme,  eliminate corn and all  grains including their by-products from your diet.  They are costing you more money at the grocery store and worst of all, they’re costing you good, healthy years that you could spend with your loved ones.  It is worth it to get an extra two, five or ten healthy years of life to spend with your loved ones and have the health  doing what you love to do.