2014 winter has been a season for all kinds of challenges around the world.  There have been torrential rain falls, hurricane winds, mud slides, fires,  unbelievable cold weather, droughts, earthquakes, political unrest, heart breaking deaths of innocent people, calamities and the list goes on.

People have been put to the test facing business loss, homes gone, loved ones lost, complete devastation of entire communities, wars, and more….

There are seven perpetual gifts that can help each one of us traverse these difficult times.  They help to center and ground us to find the strength and desire to continue to go forth.  They can give comfort, peace, and restore our spirit.  I hope you find them helpful.

1.       Every day forgive circumstances,  yourself and anyone else who you feel “owes” you.  Make this a daily habit.

2.      Give –in and let go of trying to make things happen.  This is especially good for those type A personalities who have control issues.

3.      Give up all mind-body habits that aren’t congruent with the vision you have for yourself.

4.      Give to yourself first.  You can’t give what you don’t have.  Feed your mind, body, and spirits with love, kindness, and goodness.

5.      Give generously of your time, talents, treasure and tithes.

6.      Let go of all the stuff that clutters your life.

7.      Give thanks and gratitude for everything and in everything.  They are a way of showing evidence of all the gifts we receive and take for granite.  When we acknowledge we open ourselves to receive.

Remember the simple truth:  What we put into our body and mind becomes our body and mind.

And lastly, remember people will try to control you with your beliefs.  Make your beliefs uplifting and inspiring.

Dr. Janeel Henderson