Stress—we all have experienced it, lived with it, and suffered from it. It separates us and alienates us from the natural flow of the universe.  It has many forms and disguises.  Body tension.  Worry,  Fatigue.  Anxiety.  Nervousness.  Insomnia. Panic.  Drugs, alcohol, certain foods etc. have all been used to regulate and eliminate the stress.  They might temporarily help but long term use has shown that they eventually contribute to the problem and compound the stress effects. Meditation and exercise are touted for guaranteed  stress relief but they don’t work for me unless I do a few things before implementing them.

Identifying the patterns that trigger the stress and the precursors to the patterns is the first thing that needs to be acknowledged.  If you don’t do this, you will simply circle around the stress and never get on top of it.

The precursors are different for different people.   For me, the precursor to my stress is always insufficient sleep. I immediately want to eat chocolate to soothe my emotions. The desire for chocolate is the outward trigger that I am not getting enough Kela M and Kela Cell Lite into my body along with being sleep deprived. I have a tendency to ignore stress until it reaches a crisis point which the chocolate then starts to take over.  The Adrenals are triggered, Cortisol levels increase, the ability to calm my mind becomes more difficult and sleep becomes evasive as I struggled to mentally relax.

Learning to relax instantly replugs you into the totality and abundance of life.  It helps you transcend the negatives that separate you from health, prosperity and good fortune by developing vibrations of connection, interaction and sharing—the subtle, vital components of life’s success mechanism.

Once you understand how to achieve relaxation, you are changed forever.  The worlds that revolve around you—family, friends, career, love, friendship etc.–automatically relax along with you.  Life becomes a flow…instead of a fight.  As you project a continued state of calm and togetherness, problems are more easily resolved.  Success through relaxation can then become the dominant force in your life.

  1.  No matter where you are, just close your eyes.  This closes out the world and its problems.  Float away.  Simply shutting your eyes is a relaxation in itself.  There is no limit to the energy you can efficiently conserve by closing your eyes.
  2. Close your eyes.  In your imagination picture yourself on a beach of in a big soaker tub.  See your body slowly submerge into cool water.  First submerge your feet…then your legs, torso, arms, shoulder and finally your head.

Let it happen very slowly.  Once you are totally submerged deep in your imagination, let the ocean’s billowing currents massage you or the soaker tub’s bubbles soothe you into a restful relaxed space.

  1.  Tilt your head slightly forwards.  With both thumbs find the indentation just below your skull the very point where the neck joins the skull.  Using your thumbs press hard and massage with a circular motion.   Keeping your eyes closed continue the motion until you feel a release—as if a spring were at last unwound.  A wonderful sensation of ease will roll over your entire body as the tightness vanishes from the back of your head.

It is at this point that I am now able to meditate and let the worries of life float away. Being relaxed also allows me to look at life differently.  This is where a lot of inspiration is able to come to me.  I look at everything I do in life..the way I pick up and put down my clothing and possessions.  The way I drive my car.  The way I open my mail and emails.  I watch myself.  Am I doing everything violently, or kindly?  If my energies are violent, I am bound to attract a life of strain.  If they are gentle, I automatically attract a relaxed happier existence.

Watch yourself.  Rethink your actions. Don’t grab your food or gulp it down.  Treat it softly. Move with care.  Be caring to the earth that you walk on.  Don’t be rough to garbage, even when you take it out, or emotionally release it.  Garbage like everything else is part of the divine plan.  When you honor that energy you constantly receive rewards from life.  Be compassionate to everyone and everything—and life will very soon reciprocate to you lovingly.  The more you practice and become aware of your triggers, the greater the return.

As a young girl, my parents encouraged me to find my “special” place where I could mentally, physically, or emotionally go for security, comfort, and protection.  I learned to visualize myself sitting in my grandfathers reclining chair and feeling special in “his” chair.   As I got older I traded grandpa’s chair for my horse.  I would physically go riding all over the country side or if time and circumstances didn’t allow, I would visually go riding.  I had some pretty spectacular riding experiences in my mind.

Eventually a special friend introduced me to transcendental meditation.  For me, the pre relaxation, Kela M and Kela Cell Lite followed by the transcendental meditation became the ideal combination.

I think it is worth it for your emotional, spiritual, and physical health to take the time to discover your precursors, triggers, relaxation techniques, and special place or activity you can go to for release from the stress in your life.

Happy New Year,

Dr. Janeel Henderson