Recently I was visiting with a good M.D. friend of mine who lives in another state. We make it a habit to talk to one another once a month. He is always informative and has a special insight to many issues that are “hot” alternative topics. On this particular telephone call, the subject of having the Flu came up. He asked me if I have had a lot of clients complaining about the Flu. I answered “yes”. I told him that the interesting thing is that most of my clients complained that they had had the traditional Flu shot that is required by their work but they didn’t feel like it had done any good in helping them stay healthy. My friend then began to tell me about why my clients felt this way.

Apparently in December the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) basically admitted that this year’s (2015) really won’t work. The vaccine only covers about half of the flu viruses which isn’t surprising. Scientists from around the globe design the annual vaccine they make as an “educated guess” bout which strains of flu will be the most common in the coming year. The process begins several month before flu season starts so vaccine manufacturers have time to make the vaccines. So at best it is just a crap shoot with no guarantees of accuracy.

He said that this year’s guess work was really bad. The flu that is hitting all across the United States and elsewhere is being called a “sleeper virus”. It is a mutated virus. He said in his 39 years of medical practice he has never seen a flu virus like this year’s. You don’t necessarily really feel sick–just an annoying cough, a tickle in the throat, or a sore throat, with some people a sour stomach or some aches and pain, or nausea or a little vomiting. But the symptoms for most individuals are so mild that although they don’t feel well, they don’t really feel sick, mainly just tired and inconvenienced. So, they continue to go to work, go out in public etc. where they can spread the virus to other individuals.

The problem with this year’s flu is that it severely dehydrates the body in such a way that most individuals don’t realize it is happening in their body. It isn’t until it gets into the critical zone that the individual realizes that they are SICK and seek out their physician who places them into the hospital with I.V. electrolytes and additional medicines to try and restore body chemistry. Depending on how dehydrated the individual is and the overall resiliency of their body depends on whether they get well or in worst case scenarios, die from the dehydration within the body.

My doctor friend is suggesting that this patients get Pedialyte and start on a proactive program to support natural hydration in the body. Obviously it would be wise to adjust ones diet if using food or beverages that contribute to dehydration such as caffeine, diuretics, weight loss products, energy stimulating drinks or food. As part of a healthy supportive diet for the body’s daily requirements, it would also be wise to take a quality multiple vitamin/ mineral such as Basic Plus, Kela I for supporting a healthy Immune System, and Kela Cell Lite that supports ATP production and normal fluid balance.

My doctor friend backed up his medical rationale by stating in 2013 Dr. Peter Doshi, a scientist with John Hopkins University Medical Center, published an eye-opening report about the flu vaccine in the prestigious British Medical Journal. In his article he claimed the flu vaccines are far less effective and far more dangerous than the CDC ever admits. He criticized public health bureaucrats perennially telling the public that “vaccines save lives.” The natural assumption by the public is that there must be evidence to back up this claim. Dr. Doshi said that the studies the CDC uses to back up their claims are often very low quality and don’t substantiate the CDC’s claims on closer inspection. Public health career bureaucrats seem to only be concerned that some type of study was done but not what the study results actually showed.

The CDC has a tendency to overstate the influenza threat. It is unpleasant and inconvenient and yes, elderly and very young infants can have more trouble getting over severe complications such as pneumonia which can lead to death, but those complications are usually a result of poor diet, health, and compromised immune systems that are vulnerable. Mandatory vaccination policies are required by many healthcare facilities, schools and public businesses with a threat of losing their jobs if their employees do not get the vaccines. People are being forced to get the vaccine without good evidence of safety. It has been shown that the flu vaccine doesn’t lower the risk of dangerous complications at all in the elderly population so now getting a vaccine for pneumonia is being pushed. The FDA has approved the influenza vaccines for use in older people without any clinical trials that demonstrate a reduction in serious health outcomes. But then why should that be a concern when the the type of influenza vaccine developed does not even match the actual strains of the virus causing the annual outbreak as has happened this year.

Evidence-based Cochran Collaboration study analyzed hundreds of thousands of people. The found vaccination offered zero protection against pneumonia, hospitalization, and even death. At best, it prevented one-third of the elderly patients from getting the flu, but only in those years when the DCD actually picked the right strains of virus against which to vaccinate.

Serous epidemics of vaccine-caused neurological diseases have been reported in Canada, and Scandinavia. Curiously, not much is heard about this in the United States. Dr. Doshi pointed out that an Australian study found one in 110 children who received the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine experienced brain seizures (convulsions) following vaccination. A prominent spike in narcolepsy among adolescents was found by Researchers after receiving this vaccine.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, MD has written that those who receive flu shots are sick twice as long as those who do not get a flu shot. He believes that flu shots are one of the biggest health scams ever invented. (January 05, 2015 DrFrankShallenberger@Letters.SecondOpinionNewsletter.com).

I was appreciative of the time my MD friend took to inform me of the above information. I hope you enjoy the information too.

Dr. Janeel Henderson