New Chemicals in Soft Drinks

Have you heard about 4-methylimidazole (4-Mel)?  It’s the new kid on the

block that has joined the long list of cancer causing ingredients.  It’s

found in the caramel coloring of colas,  soft drinks and other items.

4-Mel is a chemical that forms during the cooking process when caramel

coloring is used.  As a result, trace amounts of it are in many foods,

not just soft drinks.

California is the only state to make headway in the fight against the

poison.  California forced Pepsi Co Inc, and Coca-Cola Co. to change

their formulas to decrease the level of coloring.  This allowed the soda

companies being able to avoid putting cancer warning labels on their


The Center for Environmental Health tested Coke and Pepsi products for

the carcinogen in California and from across the country.

Their findings showed California free from the toxic chemical but if you

are in any other state, the toxin is still in their products. In fact,

Pepsi’s level of 4-Mel are four to eight times higher than what the

state of California deems safe.

I don’t think any soda is a “safe” choice to drink.  It doesn’t matter

what state you are in or how much you drink.  Soda is poison to your

system and blocks valuable mineral nutrition from supporting your

health, even without this cancer-causing carcinogen.  Pass on drinking

any type of soft drink.  It’s not worth your health or your life to

drink something that’s so poisonous even without the carcinogen in its

caramel color.  California isn’t any better of if they’re still drinking

soda in my opinion.

Pepsi has defended the level of 4-Mel in its drinks saying the FDA and

other regulatory agencies around the world consider their drink safe.

Somehow that doesn’t give me a feeling of safety.  The FDA considers a

lot of things safe that are known to cause harm.  Just listen to the

T.V. adds about different drug being promoted.  The wonderful benefits

of drug  (such and such) are pictured in beautiful, idealistic settings

with inspiring words until you get to the side effects which are said

very fast, the last side effect being death.  And if you die, be sure to

let your doctor know.  Then the add quickly sums up again the wonderful

benefits of the medicine.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The first time I heard these ads

admitting death as a side effect in a very nonchalant way—Oh by the way

inform your doctor of your death as if dying was no big deal.  Tell that

to the parents of children who have died from drinking energy drinks,

caffeinated drinks, etc.  I maintain “a poison is a poison” and should

not be allowed in our food or pushed onto us by cleaver  marketing that

numbs us to the dangers of said product.

Somehow the words “buyer beware” have taken on a greater meaning to me.