Life Zone has been officially in business since 1980.  However, its origins and the research behind its products and philosophy began long before 1980.  It is a dream that Dr. Janeel Henderson entertained at a very young age as she witnessed her mother and others go from company to company mixing and matching products and services trying to meet their needs and get the results they wanted.  She often thought a “one stop- shop” where everything was integrated was needed.  That began her quest and Life Zone is the result of that quest.

True health is a carefully balanced, synergistic relationship between the body, mind, and spirit.  Actions performed in one area will always affect the other two areas.  Any product, technique, protocol, or behavior should carefully be scrutinized for bringing about the balance  called  wholelistic “health” in these areas.

Life Zone  uses only Pharmaceutical  grade  natural vitamin and mineral  nutritional ingredients in its nutritional supplements.  This is the highest quality of vitamin and mineral that can be used in a supplement.  It is also the most expensive so very few companies formulate their products using this standard.  All minerals used are natural, organic amino acid chelated minerals that duplicate the bodies natural chelation process.  There are over 150 patents and patents-pending behind this technology and formulation to support mineral bio-availabiliy.

In addition, Life Zone uses a patented technology that allows nutrition to be directed and targeted to specific body systems for maximum  mineral support and performance.  This patented targeting technology  allows Life Zone to “zero” in on specific body systems which eliminates the need for “mega” dose amounts.  This is a cost effective, result driven technology that is unique to only Life Zone.

Life Zone’s KelaKare skin care products are different from other products found in the market.  The patented targeting minerals in the formulas help augment  specific, natural, organic ingredients for support and maintenance of normal, healthy skin in  harmony with the body. Great care and research is behind these formulations. They do  not contain any ingredient that is damaging, to the health of the skin and body, or that might interfere with the natural processes of the skin’s cells such as mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, PABA, parabens, sodium laurel, lauryl sulfate, or propylene glycol.  Life Zone’s KelaKare goes beyond just feeling good on the skin.  It is dedicated to supporting the normal health of the skin.