Gold Medallion Company

Gold MedalionLife Zone® Inc. was the first company along with a few other  selected  companies recognized and awarded the status of a “Gold Medallion Company” by Albion Laboratories.

To qualify for this recognition, a company must meet very stringent guidelines:

  • Nutritional supplements with proven bioavailability of its minerals.
  • Formulas that are pure, natural, safe, organic, which support the body.

For more information about the Gold Medallion Program, visit Albion Laboratories on-line.

The Albion Minerals Medallion and M Molecule designs are registered trademarks of Albion Laboratories, Inc.


Dr. Heaney – Creighton Medical University – Calcium Absorption Study

Dr. Heaney at Creighton Medical University evaluated women ages 20 to 40 for calcium absorption. Over a period of time, each woman participating in the study received calcium supplements given in five different forms: patented amino acid chelated calcium , calcium carbonate, milk, Hydroxyapatite (Ca), and Calcium Citrate. Each woman received 300 milligrams of each form of calcium as a liquid (45Ca).

To find out what happened, please view our Chelated Mineral Studies page.

Creighton Medical University

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Janeel holds a B.S. from Brigham Young University, M.S. degree and Ph.D. degrees from Clayton College of Natural Health, and is a licensed Master Aesthetician, licensed massage therapist, dark field microscopist, and a nutritionist. In addition, she also holds 3 U.S.A. patents and one patent-pending for her work and research  in nutrition.

Brigham Young University

Clayton College of Natural Health

Dr. Harvey Ashmead is known world-wide for the stabilization of penicillin during WWII. He is also the master mind behind the minerals offered by Life Zone® Inc. and the chemistry behind infant formulas and protein fortified drinks. He worked side by side with Dr. Janeel Henderson in the research, development and formulation of Life Zone’s amino acid chelated mineral supplements using the T.A.M.S. technology.

Dr. Ashmead was commissioned to work on the stabilization of topical penicillin, which he did, and is credited for saving many lives. After the war, Mead Johnson sought Dr. Ashmead to head the research behind infant formulas. He developed the basic formula used today in all infant formulas and in adult protein drinks such as Ensure® and Boost®. He also worked as the head of research for Hoffman-LaRoche and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, all leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Mead Johnson


Pfizer Pharmaceuticals