Calcium Absorbency Test

Dr. Heaney at Creighton Medical University evaluated women ages 20 to 40 for calcium absorption. Over a period of time, each woman participating in the study received calcium supplements given in five different forms: patented amino acid chelated calcium, calcium carbonate, milk, Hydroxyapatite (Ca), and Calcium Citrate. Each woman received 300 milligrams of each form of calcium as a liquid (45Ca).

What Happened?

Blood was drawn from each woman, five hours after each calcium form had been taken, and evaluated for calcium absorption.

Type of Calcium Percentage Absorbed into the Blood Stream
Patented amino acid chelated calcium 44%
Calcium Citrate 25%
Calcium Carbonate 23%
Milk (calcium) 19%
Hydroxyapatite (Ca) 17%

Homing pigeons win a 600 mile non-stop race with the help of Chelated Minerals

Racing pigeons is a big industry. When homing pigeons are being raced, they are released to fly non-stop back to their home perches. Dehydration is a serious problem because the birds do not stop flying once released. In one 600 mile race, pigeons who had been fed the chelated minerals  returned to their home perch one-and-a-half-hours ahead of the other birds in the race and did not experience dehydration. Frequently birds will dehydrate as much as 20 percent of their body weight in a race. When you have a bird that weighs only a few ounces, losing 20% of its body weight is a significant loss. The results of the mineral chelate fortification in the birds’ diets was amazing.

Iron Deficiency Anemia Test

Doctors Carlos P. Lemus, M.D. and Jose M. Perez, M.D. reported in the Journal of Applied Nutrition, Volume 46, Numbers 1&2, 1994 the following findings:

Based on hemoglobin levels, 30 mg of amino acid chelate was absorbed four times more efficiently than 120 mg of iron sulfate which permitted recovery from iron deficiency anemia within four weeks.

In addition, no gastro intestinal distress was experienced with the chelated iron. In general, inorganic iron salts are poorly absorbed. If absorbed, the degree of absorption is negatively influenced by other compounds present in the diet, such as fiber, phytates, phenols, and divalent anions which may bind the mineral nutrient so it can’t be used by the body.

In other words, inorganic iron salts (such as iron sulfate) can enter into chemical reactions with your diet. For this reason, amino acid chelated iron is highly recommended by Drs. Lemus and Perez because they found no unwanted reactions within the body and no potentially toxic substances excreted. Amino acid chelated iron appears as a potentially valuable therapeutic agent due to its higher bioavailability (usage by the body) and the absence of unwanted side reactions.

How does your endurance, ability to handle stress, and energy levels compare to a rat?

Three groups of rats, six in each group, participated in a mineral test to see if patented amino acid chelated minerals would improve their energy, endurance, and ability to handle stress. Let’s see how they compared after three consecutive days.

Group A – was fed the patented amino acid chelated minerals.

Group B — was fed inorganic minerals as sulfates and chlorides in their food (commonly found in vitamin mineral supplements from health food stores).

Group C — was fed regular food with no mineral or vitamin fortification.

What Happened?

After three days, each group of rats was timed to see how long it could swim non-stop.

Group A — swam for 48.3 minutes, non-stop

Group B — swam for 13.8 minutes, non-stop

Group C — swam for 10.1 minutes, non-stop

As you look over the endurance levels of all three groups, which group would you like to be in if you were asked to swim non-stop today?  Patented amino acid chelated minerals can  make a difference for you too.

Minerals, Backs, and Dogs

One of the most common complaints in the United States is back problems.  Dogs suffer from similar back problems including degenerating and ruptured discs.  Dr. Priester and 13 colleges with whom he worked with studied 8,117 cases involving disc problems in dogs.  They found that generally the disc problems centered around inadequate nutrition to the disc material.

Comparisons between healthy and unhealthy discs found 61 percent less iron and 91 percent less manganese in the unhealthy discs versus normal discs. Healthy discs require collagen production.  Chelated iron and chelated manganese are involved in the production of collagen along with vitamin C.  These nutrients are absolutely essential to enable the body to assemble all of the ingredients which make up  disc collagen.   New disc material can’t be made if there is a nutritional deficiency.

Based on this information in a follow up research project,  54 completely and partially paralyzed dogs were given nutritional supplements containing chelated minerals and vitamins with extra amounts of chelated manganese. During the year the dogs received this nutrition, every one regained complete use of its limbs.  X-rays confirmed their bodies built new discs and their back returned to normal.