Immune Balance for Colds, Flu, and Allergies

Proactive vs. Reactive

Every day our body is bombarded with germs , viruses, and bacteria.  Cold and flu season and allergies can place additional stress on the Immune System, requiring it to work overtime to provide protection.  “Immune-boosting” is a term often used to suggest individuals take a product to initiate a surge of protection against an invading sickness.  Oft times this is in response to an unusual situation or a once-in-a-while situation and not a daily occurring event.   In this scenario, individuals are “reacting” to a situation in which they feel their immunity might be threatened which could then lead to sickness or a disease, such as exposure to someone who is already sick, or entering an enclosed environment that can circulate an unhealthy environment such as in an airplane, commuter transportation,  hospital,or dense personal contact such as in schools and corporate portable cubicles for high density office space.


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Healthy Start

Joe wakes up each morning at 6:00 A.M.  He does his aerobic and anerobic exercises and then makes a “healthy” breakfast using his favorite high fiber cereal with low fat milk,  a side of papaya, high fiber toast and his daily multivitamin/mineral supplement.  To his daily supplement he adds some antioxidants that contain high amounts of “good-for-you-polyphenols” from green tea, some important herbs, and various minerals that consist of citrates, gluconates, sulfates, carbonates, a polynicotinate, and even an alpha-ketoglutarate.  Only the best will do for Joe!

Is Joe off to a healthy start?  Has he “covered” his bases providing adequately for his nutritional needs?  Has he “fueled” his body properly and provided for additional protection and immune fortification?


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Summarization On Chelation

Nature requires that chelated minerals be made in only one fashion if they are to be utilized (bio-available) by the body.  Although there are many ways to make chelated minerals, nature requires that they be made in only one fashion IF THEY ARE TO BE UTILIZED BY THE BODY.


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