Amino Key Cell Lite


Targeting nutritional support for: The Cellular System,  Cardiovascular system, ATP production,  circulation, and normal fluid levels.

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Normal, healthy cells generate energy and then transfer energy from energy-releasing to energy-requiring reactions using the ATP molecule. Cells also regulate normal fluid levels using the potassium/sodium pump, counteract stress using mineral electrolytes, help promote normal blood pressure, and support the mitochondria.

Amino Key Cell Lite targets the Cellular System with nutritional support for ATP  production and nutritional support for healthy mitochondria and cellular function.

Specific minerals as TRAACS® are needed in  proper normal levels to support and maintain healthy mitochondria and cellular function. These key minerals enter into many of the Ribosomes’ reactions directed by RNA which carry out DNA’s directives.

Amino Key Cell Lite may be combined with Amino Key Basic.**

Amino Key Cell Lite contains 90 capsules.  Serving Size: 3 capsules daily or as directed by a health professional.

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