Over the years, Life Zone has experienced great success and feedback from its’ clients on the value and quality of its products and  value-based consultations.  Life Zone has now incorporated those comments and successes into a new and exciting  “Individual Consultation” service ” that will be described below.

One of the key’s to success  is understanding  what the client is looking for, what his/her objectives are and what level of outcome/result they are seeking.  To that end, the following is a short profile of the type of client who has taken advantage of a Life Zone nutritional consultation:

  • Educated and informed individuals who are proactive and take accountability for their life.
  • Prefer natural,  alternative approach for health support instead of traditional medicine/drug approach.
  • Are looking for  “nutritionally-based  support”  from stress.
  • Desire establishing a “one-on-one” relationship with a health care  professional in addition to a medical doctor.
  • Desire proven, scientific fact to base decisions on, not promotional marketing and hearsay.
  • Have read books, surfed the internet, frequented health food stores,  joined MLM companies  and tried a  variety of products,  but haven’t experienced  measurable long term results.
  • Want to enjoy mind, body, spirit, values in their life.
  • Want a  discussion/interaction with a real, live, educated  person, not a recording, or some generic downloaded internet information.

Lets face it.  Sometimes no matter what we are doing, life comes at us.  Sometimes it is common factors associated with normal aging, sometimes it is an accident, sometimes it is the result of  stress.   It is at these times we want information, answers and solutions.   Being informed minimizes stress, normal anxiety, and strips away the mystery of why the experience is happening.  Virtually everyone wants their question of “why?” answered in a believable, suitable way.  Education is one way Life Zone answers the “whys” of life.  There are three general levels of education that an individual may experience.


  • normally tip toes into the world of supplements and nutrition………….maybe uses a multi-vitamin/mineral.
  • somewhat to down-right skeptical.
  • minimally informed on supplements, vitamins, nutrition and body functions.
  • somewhat driven by fear but still looking for a solution, most of the time a “quick fix” type solution.


  • much better educated and informed on supplements, vitamins, nutrition and body functions.
  • has experienced some results but isn’t sure on how to proceed; still looking for facts.
  • is more open and bolder toward an in depth, non-traditional/holistic/alternative approach.
  • is less skeptical but not a true believer yet.
  • willing to go to the next step.


  • has obtained a solid understanding of supplements, vitamins, mineral nutrition and body functions but is still educating himself.
  • awareness is high; sensitive to changes and want to know the facts.
  • has experienced “health” and “life” supporting results.
  • committed to an alternative more holistic approach.
  • committed to a process/protocol for support and sustainability of their new lifestyle.

Individual Consultation

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