LifeZone ProductsWhy Use Life Zone® Products?

Life Zone®, Inc. was the first company on a global basis to receive the prestigious Gold Medallion award from Albion Labs. that met their stringent requirements for  cGMP (certified good manufacturing  practices).   All minerals used in Life Zone®  formulas are TRAACS®.   TRAACS® is an Albion  registered Trademark that stands for: The Real Amino Acid Chelated Source.  There are over 130 U.S. Patents on TRAACS® minerals and 70 published Human Clinical Trial Studies. This is the quality standard where the technology of science meets and combines with the wisdom of Nature for synergism.

Trust your health to  TRAACS® patented formulas developed by a Ph.D in Nutrition  that can”target” a specific body system.   Targeting body systems insures efficient mineral nutrition for body systems and  bio-availablity.

Trust your body with TRAACS®  mineral supplements that you can mix and match for your specific, individual “nutritionally-based sense of well-being.

Trust your results to products that “target” your needs for your sense of well-being.

Using our natural, organic, targeting formulas will give you an edge. Every day individuals are exposed to environmental toxins and other unnecessary chemicals.  To look and feel your best, you need a plan that can combat this. A plan that is backed by patented technology and proven science.  A plan that is in harmony with the body and with nature.

Don’t be fooled by imitations.

Life Zone®  offers Mineral Supplements and Kela®Kare  Skin Care, co-developed and formulated by Janeel A. Henderson Ph.D., owner of Life Zone®, and her father Harvey Ashmead, Ph.D., PharmD.

As the “Father” of amino acid chelation world-wide, Dr. Ashmead is also accredited for creating  infant formulas,  adult protein drinks, and stabilizing penicillin, during World War II.  He is the U.S.A. patent holder for TRAACS® amino acid chelated minerals used by Life Zone® in the vitamin mineral supplements and skin care products.  Dr. Henderson’s original discoveries in nutrition resulted in her being awarded  3 U.S.A. patents for:  Comprehensive Dietary Supplementation and Energy Generating Composition.

Live the Difference.

As we celebrate our 3rd decade in business, we want to thank YOU, our customers, and those of you who will decide to join us  in the future,  for your ongoing support,  loyalty, and confidence in Life Zone®.

Enjoy living the difference as you use our Gold Medallion, award-winning  patented minerals.  Life Zone®  is dedicated to 1st class research, development, and product production.  We will continue to provide the best multi-mineral with vitamins supplements, and skin care products.  We will introduce new products with the same diligence, focus on excellence and quality requirements for the future.

Improve Your Health-Live The Difference®*